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Kanger Coil Unit

Kanger Coil UnitThese are replacement coils to suit the following bottom coil clearomizers:Suited cl..


Kanger Mini Protank 2 (V2)

Kanger Mini Protank 2 (V2)The Kanger Mini Protank 2 offers the same features and performance as the ..

AU$17.95 AU$8.95

KangerTech Black Padded Carry Case

KangerTech Black padded carrying case with zipper!Keep your liquids, batteries and clearomizers prot..

AU$9.95 AU$6.95

Kangertech TOPTANK EVOD Clearomizer - 1.7ml

TOPTANK EVOD Clearomizer 1.7mlKangertech TOPTANK EVOD Clearomizer - 1.7ml. This is the same tan..


Mouthpiece cover for eGo-T/eGo-C tank cartridges

5x Rubber Mouthpiece cover tank cartridgesThe eGo mouthpiece cover will protect your atomi..


Mouthpiece tips for eGo T2 2.4ml cartomizer

2pcs mouthpiece tip for eGo/T2 2.4ml CC clear cartomizerKangertech replacement mouthpiece tip, suita..


Nitecore Intellcharger UM20 LCD Li-ion Battery Charger

Nitecore Intellcharger UM20 LCD Li-ion Battery ChargerThis Nitecore smart charger is compatible with..


Samsung 18650 3000mAh High-drain Battery

Samsung 18650 3000mAh High drain BatteryThis battery has the highest continues discharge out of all ..


Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh High-drain Battery

Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh High-drain Battery - 12C, 20AThis is the top performer for mechanical m..


Silicone Cover for eGo AIO D22 Out Of Stock

Silicone Cover for eGo AIO D22

Silicone Cover for eGo AIO D22A comfortable silicone cover for the eGo AIO D22 developed by Vapesoon..


Silicone Vape Band

Silicone Vape BandHigh quality Silicone Vape Band to protect your tank in case it gets dro..



SMOK V8 BABY - M2SMOK V8 BABY - M2 made for  the SMOK V8 starter kit but also compatible with t..



SMOK V8 BABY T8SMOK V8 BABY T8 specifically made for the TFV8 Baby Beast and the Big Baby Beast . Hu..


SMOK V8 BABY-T6 Sextuple Core

SMOK V8 BABY-T6 (0.2ohm)SMOK V8 BABY-T6 specifically made for the TFV8 Baby Beast and the Big Baby B..


Stainless Steel Mouth Piece

Stainless Steel Mouth PieceThree comfortable designs of stainless steel mouth pieces.Specs:* Ma..


Transparent Mouth Pieces

Transparent Mouth PieceThree different designs of transparent mouth pieces.Specs:* Material: Plastic..


Vaporlane E-Liquids
E-liquid, e juice or vape juice is the "fuel" for your electronic cigarettes. When it comes to choosing your e-liquid it is important to find a flavor you enjoy, a flavour that satisfies made with top quality ingredients. We only sell quality USA made liquids. We offer a range of tobacco and menthol flavours as well as more exotic tasts like watermelon, pina colada and vanilla.

Why Our E Liquids?
We only sell USA made liquids which ensures only the highest quality ingredients are used to make every one of our flavors.

All e-liquids sold on this site contain ZERO Nicotine.

Why Vapor Cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes offer a number of benefits over the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Here are a few:
No Tar - No Ash - No bad smells - No Carbon monoxide No smelling cloth or bad teeth.
Why are tobacco cigarette so dangerous? The real harm comes from the approximate 7000 chemicals cigarettes produce. While we do not claim e-cigarettes to be a healthy alternative some research does suggest they are 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.Read a  UK researche  report.