There is a Promising Future for Vapers Under a Trump Presidency

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There is a Promising Future for Vapers Under a Trump Presidency!!


To say that the recently concluded 2016 US Elections was a whirlwind is an understatement. However, for at least one group in the US, the election results could spell a bright future for vaping advocates as they cross their fingers for a potential relaxation of current vaping legislations in the country .


Since the explosion of popularity in vaping, advocates of this revolutionary and healthier alternative to smoking struggled to negotiate with the FDA after the latter released a barrage of strict regulations on the industry for 2016.  This has spawned fear among many in the industry saying that these regulations pose a big threat to thousands upon thousands of businesses in the US. Legislative amendments on the same matter likewise appeared dismal. However, with Donald Trump in the White House now, a renewed hope is starting to spread like wildfire among vaping advocates across the US.


In the words of Dr. Michael Siegel, tobacco researcher of Boston University and writer of a fact-checking blogs about vaping, “From a public health perspective, there are many reasons to be concerned about the outcome of Tuesday’s election. However, with a Trump presidency, and with Republican control of the Senate, we ironically have a tremendous opportunity to once and for all craft a sensible regulatory strategy for electronic cigarettes and vaping products.”


While many of the FDA’s regulations are understandable; such prohibiting sale to minors, other regulations are too bureaucratic in nature which could translate to hours of paperwork and huge amounts of money—something which business owners and manufacturers of vaping products claim would cripple their business to the point of insolvency.


In an attempt to counterbalance these strict regulations, a couple of pro-vaping politicians expressed their support to an amendment to the current budget that seeks to legally circumvent the FDA rules, reducing red tape amongst vape businesses. And for a while, vaping advocates have clung to this promising change as their only hope, according to Gregory Conley—President of the American Vaping Association.


But now, with Trump in office, Conley said, “Based off of the information being reported on what he plans on doing with the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s going to be, seemingly, an anti-regulatory administration. So that gives us some hope…..”


Other than Trump and with the GOP (“Grand Old Party” –Republican Party since 1874) taking control of congress, two incumbent congressmen who are reportedly pro-vaping advocates are also among the positive things to look forward to.


Conley expressed that with vaping’s two biggest vocally supportive political champions, Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Duncan Hunter, rallying for legislative changes on FDA regulation, his positive congress and the Trump administration will join the bandwagon, especially since Hunter was among the first Republicans to push for an endorsement of Trump.