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Did you know that many hospitals in the UK now allow patients, staff and visitors to vape on hospital premises? The ban on e-cigarettes was removed due to recent evidence that vaping is considerably safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The UK Government directed an independent study which showed that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking.


Further positive news on vaping shows the Royal College of Physicians (the most respected medical institution in the UK) released a 200 page report on vaping and e-cigarettes. This report found that vaping should be viewed as a means to help long term smokers quit, and it also rectifies many common myths about using e-cigarettes. “Among smokers, e-cigarette use is likely to lead to quit attempts that would not otherwise have happened, and in a proportion of these to successful cessation. In this way, e-cigarettes can act as a gateway from smoking”, said the report.


Professor John Britton is the director of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies as well as a respiratory consultant at NUH, Nottingham University Hospitals. He said “Helping smokers quit is one of the most effective things that NUH can do to improve the health of our patients. We need to encourage all patients and visitors who smoke and find it difficult to abstain while in hospital grounds to use medicinal nicotine, or an electronic cigarette. Approving the use of electronic cigarettes is an important step towards achieving completely smoke free hospitals in Nottingham.”