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For those wanting to quit cigarettes and try vaping with e-liquids, let’s take a quick look to help you compare the differences, because they truly are staggering……



Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes:





  • The cost of cigarettes is increasing worldwide, while prices of vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and consumable e-liquid are continually decreasing.

  • Second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to others.

  • Used butts and filters from cigarettes ruin our environment and can take years to decompose.

  • More than 7,000 chemicals are inhaled when each cigarette is burned.

  • It is widely known that tobacco cigarettes produce carbon monoxide which can cause cancer.

  • Cigarette smoking produces nasty odours which non-smokers can find offensive.

  • Stale smoke from cigarettes can remain in a confined space for hours at a time.



    Vaping with E-Liquids:


  • There is no risk of fire danger through vaping.

  • Unlike cigarette smoke, water vapour produced from vaping evaporates immediately.

  • The odours from vaping are the same as the actual vaping taste and don’t leave repulsive smells on your body or clothing.

  • Vapour from electronic smoking devices has not been found to cause cancer.

  • E-juices & E-liquids are available in many different flavours, which offer a wide range of choices for the user.

Costs for e-liquid flavoring are much cheaper than cigarettes and also lasts far longer for the user.



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