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We’re all aware of how electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This new trend offers so many advantages for the user. E-cigarettes are designed specifically to help people make the change from tobacco smoking to a much healthier alternative. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should give them a go, especially if you’ve been looking for a tobacco alternative.




1.  Vaping Freedom:  Using an e-cigarette is considered vaping, not smoking. Those who vape are more likely to be allowed to use their e-cigarettes, vaporizers and mods in areas where smoking tobacco cigarettes is not welcome. Some employers even allow e-cigarette use in the workplace because it helps with productivity. They don’t need to be concerned with their employees taking long smoking breaks, and employees don’t need to bother with the hassle of leaving the premises or standing outside in bad weather just to enjoy a smoke.



2.  More Money in Your Pocket:  The cost saving with vaping is phenomenal!! A 10ml bottle of e-liquid at Vaporlane costs less than $6 and usage compared with a regular smoker would be equivalent to 3 or 4 packs of tobacco cigarettes. This of course depends on how much you choose to vape. However, unlike tobacco cigarettes which burn quickly and only offer the smoker around 10 inhales per cigarette, vaping is far more economical because you only need a few puffs to feel satisfied.



3.  It Really Looks and Feels Like Smoking:  Electronic cigarettes replicate the exact sensation of smoking. When you inhale, you get a satisfying “hit” at the back of your throat, and when you exhale, you expel a cloud of “smoke-like” vapor. Add your favorite tobacco flavored e-liquid and it will even taste better than the better than the real thing!!



4No Smell:  Most people hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It not only gets into your clothes, but in your skin and hair as well. It also lingers in closed areas and is almost impossible to remove. Flavoured water vapor from e-cigs can produce a delicate scent, but it disperses very quickly.



5.  No Stains:  Tar from tobacco cigarettes causes teeth, fingertips and lips to stain, especially for heavy smokers. E-liquids do not contain tar or harsh chemicals which cause staining.



6.  No Fire or Smoke: This also means NO ASH. E-cigarettes and vaporizors heat e-liquid which turns into vapor, making it feel like a real cigarette without nasty butts and smelly ashtrays.



7.  Strength Choices:  E-cig users can choose their own personalized nicotine strengths. Different levels of nicotine strength are available across all flavours at Vaporlane, and you can even mix and match to blend your own.



8.  No More Second Hand Smoke:  Unlike smoke from burning tobacco cigarettes, E-cigarettes use water vapor which dissipates quickly and does not affect others nearby.



9.  Less Ingredients:  E-liquids contain between 4 and 11 ingredients, depending on the flavour mixes and the manufacturer. Regular tobacco cigarettes have about 600 ingredients and when burned, the combustion creates nearly 4000 chemicals which are consumed into the smoker’s body.



10.  Huge Choice of Flavours:  One of the best things about vaping is that the e-liquids are flavoured. Vapers still get their nicotine fix, but can also enjoy a lavish range of tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert flavours.




Are you ready to finally make the switch to electronic cigarettes? Vaporlane offers a complete range of starter kits, accessories and e-liquids to suit your smoking requirements. Please feel free to visit our online store for more products and information about vaping.