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Although it is common knowledge that vaping has many health advantages over smoking, there are other reasons why vaping is the right choice.



Support Within the Vaping Community: Vaping has become increasingly popular all over the world. Everywhere you look, someone’s doing it!! As the concept grows, people who vape are bound to find others to share their experience with. Site reviews, social media and vaping forums also allow fellow vapers to offer advice and help new people get started. Right now there is a very solid community of people vaping everywhere and this is only going to get stronger.  



More Money in Your Pocket: All over the world cigarettes increase in price year after year. Some countries have huge government taxes on cigarettes, costing smokers around $USD 20.00 per pack. A starter kit from Vaporlane costs about the same and the only other ongoing cost is replacement of e-liquid at around $USD 5.00 per 10ml bottle.



No More Nasty Tar Stains: Anyone who vapes will tell you that within just a few months of switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, visual marks like tar stains on lips and fingers will disappear. Dark marks on the lips and yellow stains on fingertips soon go away and skin begins to take on its natural colour.



No More Dirty Trails: Tobacco smokers leave a dirty trail behind them. Ash residue and bad odors follow smokers, and this negativity is often associated with that person. Vapers have the unique opportunity to experience the same enjoyment that smokers feel when they inhale, without having to go through all the dirty stuff. No more bad smells, no more fire hazards and no more leaving mess behind.