What is E-Juice Made Of?

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It is a common question for new vapers to ask, “What are the ingredients in e-liquid flavours”? At Vaporlane we use a combined mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and natural & artificial flavours. Our e-liquids can also come with or without nicotine.




Foundation Ingredients


The base ingredients that make up the e-liquid which is transformed into vapor are generally VG, PG, and distilled water. Vegetable glycerin is a natural product which is safe for consumption. Propylene glycol is a product that is added to numerous foods, skin care products, and medications. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deems propylene glycol safe for human consumption and therefore harmless.





E-liquids can also contain nicotine which gives vaping the rush feeling. Nicotine is a very effective stimulant and by vaping it we can satisfy the craving without repellent odors and smoke that comes from the use of tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is commonly obtained from tobacco, but other plants also have nicotine in them as well. As a matter of fact, 66 other familiar plants have nicotine and many common foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, and capsicum all contain small amounts of nicotine too.



Flavouring in E-Liquid


The actual flavouring in e-liquid comes from both natural flavours and FDA certified artificial flavours. All our e-liquid flavours at Vaporlane come from the USA and are FDA approved. A flavour such as vanilla is derived naturally from vanilla beans. This would also be the case for a flavor such as strawberry. They have the same flavour and the same chemistry. Artificial flavours are prepared in a lab and are made to replicate a flavour or taste very similar to them. These artificial flavours come from additives that have been approved for use in foods by the FDA.



Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what ingredients go into our e-liquids. Please feel free to browse our online shop for more products and information on vaping.